Hi I'm Dr Phumzile Mmope

I’m a leadership communication coach, strategic communication consultant and facilitator with a deep understanding of effective communication and how it influences leadership, teams, performance and professional relationships.

I work with leaders, managers, specialists and professionals who are experts in their fields – but might be unaware of their communication pain points.

This is where my expertise lies. Through my consulting company, tailored coaching programs, and practical solutionsI help enhance your ability to navigate through the rapidly changing business world, take the lead in any crucial conversation, connect meaningfully, achieve positive professional relationships and build high-performing teams.

I help you lead differently and get remarkable results.

Communication pain point


[ /kəˌmjuː.nɪˈkeɪ.ʃən/ ]   [ peɪn ]   [ pɔɪnt ]

[Meaning] A specific communication problem that you and your team or business is experiencing. Think of communication pain points as problems, challenges, difficulties or shortcomings.

Are you a leader, manager, specialist or professional, striving for ultimate success but experiencing communication pain points?

Shift your focus from operational issues, endless meetings, the next deadline or telling yourself you’re a good communicating leader.

It is more than that.

Work with me to discover the biggest communication pain points you face and the right solutions for it.

If you cannot wait to start figuring it out, my checklist has you covered!

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Three ways I can help you

Lead differently coaching™

Overcome communication pain points that impact your effectiveness as a leader.

Deep and meaningful conversations

Discover the root of communication pain points that hinder collaboration and productivity in teams.

Optimise internal communication

Target specific communication pain points to improve effective internal communication and employee engagement.

How it works

Drawing on more than 20 years’ experience leading and working with high-performing, award-winning, multicultural and multilingual teams, I’ve created a simple 3-step process. It’s guaranteed to uncover crucial communication pain points, and improve productivity and collaboration in the long-term.

Step 1: 30-minute free discovery session

  • An introductory session with no obligation to explore your current situation, including your goals, communication pain points and needs.

  • Receive a practical and solutions-focused proposal designed to address your objectives, overcome your communication pain points and improve employee engagement and individual and team productivity.

Step 2: Communication capability assessment

  • Robust, quick and engaging online assessment of your individual, team or internal communication capability.
  • Receive a report that outlines communication needs and a plan of action to eliminate communication pain points and improve your individual, team or internal communication capability.

Step 3: Lead differently coaching™

  • Virtual or in-person coaching session to target current and potential communication pain points and communication behaviours that impact your effectiveness.
  • Ongoing individual or team coaching and support to ensure powerful and lasting behavioural change.

Ready to get started?

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